FOXPIC - An extensive range of pro camera accessories and other electronics - big money saver for all photography lovers
Our Team
Competitive salary - excellence at work will be fully matched with salary, benefits and promotions- Challenges - if you long for more challenges, we will give you the responsibilities that will thrill you!
With an empowering, flat-structured, and open communication work environment, Foxpic emphasizes a German (N±1) work style.
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What Foxpic values Most?
Customer experience is all Foxpic has worked so hard for. Foxpic thoroughly exams every product detail to fit customers' needs frequently steps into customers' shoes to understand the different perspectives, and constantly improves our product technology to create comfortableness and convenience for our customers.
We strive to provide 100% satisfaction in every of your purchase or service experiences with us. In return, we seek and treasure your generous feedback for our products and technologies.
Live as artist. Leave the details to us – Foxpic
Foxpic. My choice!
If I could choose, I would never choose to be ordinary.
I have every right to be extraordinary.
I am looking for every opportunity except an opportunity to live a routine life.
I want to expand my career horizon in a growing company that cares about my career goals.
Foxpic. Here I come!
Stronger than ever, Foxpic turns miracle into reality in eCommerce. Foxpic offers life shaping experience to all new employees. Our career planning and training program will help you take charge at every important point of you career development.
Address in China
15F, Building B1 Nanshan I Park No. 1001 Xueyuan Road Tanglang, Nanshan District Shenzhen, Guangdong Province 518131, China
Phone: +86(755)-82837000-629
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