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Our Brand
Over the years as a reputed manufacturer and distributor of photography equipment and accessories, Foxpic is dedicated to provide our customers with reliable and cost-efficient products, backed by a well-established customer service and technical support team. It has achieved a notable market share in North America market in a wide range of fields including flashes, video light and battery grips.
Online Slander & Defamation
Foxpic’s current brand value was built on the basis of our product quality and customer service. However, in recent times we have noticed, particularly on popular online media websites, some negative reviews and comments deliberately aiming at misleading consumers and damaging the brand reputation. With all due respect to free speech rights held by online commentators, Foxpic does not tolerate malicious, untruthful, unreasonably exaggerated and distorted reviews or remarks directed at Foxpic, Foxpic’s products or any other products of Foxpic’s associated brands. While undermining the contributions of all Foxpic Staff’s continuous hard work, these acts also hinder our consumer’s proper right to obtain true product information.
Our Counter Reaction
As our legal section has observed, these comments are mostly from temporary IDs shrouded in suspicious usernames. We have a right to believe there is a high possibility that these comments are from our competitors or related parties with conflict of interests involved. To counter this, we will set up a reward scheme to those users who can report suspicious online activities occurring in, e.g. online forums, video sites, online shopping platforms, etc. that would otherwise be unknown to us, or whom we are unable to make our own judgments against. To those who we are confirmed to have malicious intentions, Foxpic deems these activities as online slanders or defamation, and will issue warnings to those individual offenders. On unlikely occasions where Foxpic’s warnings are ignored and such offense continues, Foxpic reserves our rights to carry out further actions, including legal proceedings, depending on the consequences of these offenses.
Thank You for Your Support
We again express genuine thanks to Foxpic’s customers for their continued support, and in return Foxpic’s will keep delivering solutions to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.
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