Foxpic Digital Gas Detector Portable Carbon Monoxide CO Warning Detection Alarm

Foxpic Digital Gas Detector Portable Carbon Monoxide CO Warning Detection Alarm

Brand new and high quality
Protect your family against the dangers of carbon monoxide
Easy to read
Digital display
Detects carbon monoxide
Digital display means the result is displayed clearly and quickly Features:
1. Loud 85 decibel alarm
2. Powered by 3*1.5V AA batteries (battery not included)
3. Four short alarm beeps pattern
4. The test/silence button both silences the alarm and allows you to test its functionality
5. Advanced level of protection
6. Easy to read with the digital LCD display
7. Alarm memory feature Detection gas: carbon monoxide gas Green LED: Flashes every 30 seconds to indicate the unit is operating properly. The green LED will also flash before CO reading is taken and when any button is pressed. Red LED : When a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected the red LED will pulse and a loud alarm pattern will sound.

Power Supply: 3 AA size 1.5V batteries (battery not included)
Sensitivity & Time: 50ppm, alarms within 60-90 minutes
100ppm, alarms within 10-40 minutes
300ppm, alarms within 3 minutes
Standby Current: < 50uA (without LCD); < 200uA (with LCD)
Alarm Current: < 75mA
Operation Ambient Condition: 5~40,°20~90% R.H.

1. Mounted on a wall.
2. Do not install in garages, kitchens, furnace rooms or bathrooms!
3. Install at least 15 feet away from any fuel burning appliance.
4. We suggest an alarm be installed on each level of a multilevel home
5. Needs to be tested weekly!

1 x Carbon Monoxide Detector
1 x Fittings Kit
1 x User Manual


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