Voeloon V760 i-TTL HSS Camera Flash with Flash Diffuser

Voeloon V760 i-TTL HSS Camera Flash with Flash Diffuser

  • Voeloon V760 speedlite flash is a powerful i-TTL flash with a high guide No.60 (ISO100, 180mm).
  • High speed sync: 1/8000s; fast recycle time: approx. 3s.
  • Serves as Master or Slave in wireless flash system.
  • Comes with a built-in flip down wide angle flash diffuser and reflection panel.
  • Backed with 1-Year 100% satisfaction warranty.
Guide Number60M
ModeManual, Multi, Slave 1, i-TTL, HSS, Slave 2
Compatible for BrandNikon
Power Supply4 x AA Batteries
Flash Time1/800 - 1/20000S
External InterfaceHot shoe, PC Sync port, External Charging Port
Microfiber Cleaning ClothYes
Model: Voeloon V760 
Guide Number: 60 (ISO100, 180mm) 
Flash Mode: M, Multi / Slave function: F1, F2 
Zoom Range: 24-180mm 
Vertical Rotation Angle: -7˜90 degrees 
Horizontal Rotation Angle: 0˜270 degrees 
Power Supply: 4xAA batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH, NOT included) 
Recycle Time: Approx. 5s (Alkaline); Approx. 2s (Ni-MH) 
Color Temperature: 5600k 
Flash Time: 1/20000s-1/800s 
Flash Control: 22 levels of output control (1/128˜1/1), 19 levels of fine tuning 
Overheat Protection Type: Thermal cutoff 

fitTek® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 
Extremely fine microfiber leaves zero scratches or marks. 
The ultra gentle microfiber cleaning cloths is ideal for delicate optics like DSLR lenses, binoculars, telescopes. 
Also designed for LCD Screens, Glasses, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Galaxy Tab, Sony, and any other delicate LCD or touch screensurface. 
Color: Grey 
Size: 6x6""/15x15cm(approx.) 

Nikon D3000; D5000; D3100; D5100; D7000; D50; D60; D70; D70S; D80; D90; D200; D300; D300S; D700; D3S; D600 etc. 

Serves as MASTER unit to control: Voeloon V760; 331EX; V600; V200/ Nikon SB600; 700; 800; 900;910 

Serves as SLAVE unit to receive signal from: Voeloon V760; 331EX; V600/ Nikon SB700; 800; 900; 910; SU800 
1x Voeloon V760 Speedlight 
1x Flash Diffuser 
1x Mini Stand 
1x Carrying Pouch 
1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 
1x Manual
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